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Welcome to Craft Warriors Basic Beginner's Guide!

This Guide is dedicated to individuals new to the game. While Craft Warriors is similar to games such as Clash of Clans (CoC) and other RTS games, Craft Warriors has its own flavor.

  • Units - While the aspect of unit-based gameplay is the same, Craft Warriors uses unit costs. You can only place one unit per attack/defense slot, however, once the placed unit dies, you can send in another unit similar to the recently killed unit. In short, Units form stacks in your deck (akin to card games) and you replace killed units with new ones!
  • Artillery - Known as spells in other games, Craft Warriors also has spells that can help in battle. However, they also take up unit cost. Furthermore, only one Artillery can be placed in each attack slot. Carrying 2 similar Artillery will take up 2 slots. You can only bring 3 artillery in one deck
  • Physics - While defenses shoot through buildings in other games, Defense Artillery (or Towers) and units in Craft Warriors require line of sight! This means buildings (and walls) can block shots from units and towers alike.
  • Skins - Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Craft Warriors, you can create, edit, and even share unit skins.

Beginner Guide Part 1: Trivia and Tricks

  • As with similar games, it is recommended to keep attacking high-resource players.
  • Defense is pretty much irrelevant during the first few levels in the game, and it is recommended to just focus on upgrading facilities.
  • Upgrading the Airship early on is highly recommended as it increases your offence and resource gathering capabilities.
  • The Castle houses defense units. It is recommended to upgrade the Castle early in the game.
  • Unlike other games, destroying the castle does not warrant a crown. However, the castle adds a whooping 25% destruction rating upon its destruction.
  • Units cannot simply attack over walls. However, units that use long-range weaponry and throwables can attack over walls.
  • Utilize the unit types well - tank types absorb damage well, support types often work well with tanks, and attackers excel at destruction.
  • Some units prioritize buildings, others prioritize defense, and others prioritize attacking enemy units. They can even have no priority target.
  • Defenses cannot shoot units who are beside, or too close, to a wall. Exceptions to this are the arrow shotgun and the dreaded mortar.